The Story of Adventurista Boutique

The Story of Adventurista Boutique 

Shannon Lynberg

Founder & Creative Director of Adventurista Boutique. Personal Stylist, love of adventures, and cat mom.

Welcome to Adventurista, the ultimate space for style, adventure, and living boldly! 

How it all begin: 

7 years ago, my then boyfriend, now husband, Eric and I were living in Washington D.C. We we’re dreaming up big plans of ditching career climbing for a different life of working from our laptops and traveling the world. 

At the time, I was working 80+ hour weeks at the nonprofit I was the program director of, training women on how to start a business, plus running another nonprofit I had co-founded. I was burned out beyond belief and exhausted. At 27, I knew this was no way for me live the rest of my life. 

So I started consulting for company so that I could work from anywhere and we sought out opportunities where we could work together, combining my business, marketing, and strategic planning skills with Eric’s photography and videography skills. This lead us to living out of a backpack for 3 years and working while globetrotting through 44 different countries, working whatever jobs we could find. 

So how did Adventurista start? 

I've loved clothes, fashion, and shopping for as long as I can remember. When clothing catalogues would arrive in the mail (hello, pre-internet life), I'd circle clothes with a market and put together outfits in my mind. My Christmas wish list always consisted of clothing items and I usually stapled catalogue pages to said list. 

But the idea of getting into the business of fashion or going to school for it, never crossed my mind.

Then one day, in 2011, while Eric and I where running on one of our nightly runs, down 16th street from our 500 sq. foot apartment, towards the White House and back, the vision for starting Adventurista hit me like a strike of lightning. That night, Eric and I talked and daydreamed about what that would look like, but the idea was pushed to the side, as we moved forward with our dream of living out of a backpack.

In 2014, we were hiking El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a spiritual pilgrimage across northern Spain. Going into this hike, we had no intentions of settling down in one place or making any plans that would keep us in one place for too long. Towards the end of the hike, on a beautiful day, I had a crystal clear vision of having a home base and a business, rooted in one place. This vision initially scared me, as it was the complete opposite of what Eric and I had thought we wanted for our lives. But then we found ourselves back in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the town Eric was born and raised in, where we ended up buying the oldest church in our town. (Yes, we bought a church!) Simultaneously, I ended up working for a clothing company, where I sold clothes for them exclusively for three years. However, while that was a great experience, similar to the vision I had on El Camino, in the fall of 2017, a new vision came through loud and clear, that it was time for me to create something new- and on my own.

So here we are....

Adventurista Boutique brings together all my passions- travel, adventure, style, and building a fun community for women.

I'm creating this space for the woman who seeks adventure in the everyday, no matter where she is, or what she is doing. I want to help you feel amazing, get in tune with your unique sense of style, and inspire you to live life on your own terms. 

And that's what being an Adventurista is all about - living boldly and seeking adventure in the everyday. It doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, or what you look like, each of us has our own inner Adventurista.

Right now, you can shop our store here, all items are handpick by me. And coming soon we will be launching our very own designs, ethically produced in (Bali) Indonesia, India, and Colombia.

We have tons of exciting things coming soon (hit: a new way of offering virtual personal styling) so pull up a chair, stay awhile, and join us in this adventure. 

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